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Treks and Walks in Shimla

Treks and Walks

Treks and Walks in Shimla

Leisure Walks In Shimla

Among the adventure travel activities that you can indulge at a leisurely pace include heritage walks and hiking tours in and outside Shimla. First major walk area is the Prospect Hill and to reach the temple dedicated to Kamna Devi that?s situated on this hill you have to take up a 15-minute walk from Boileauganj on Shimla-Bilaspur road. The hill is at an altitude of 2,155m and offers some spectacular views of the Shimla valley.

You can also enjoy walks from the Mall in Shimla, which is enhanced by some of the oldest architectural building structures that were made by the British. Some of the buildings worth checking out over here include Dalziel House, one of the oldest structures of town; Fingask Estate, the birthplace Lord Chelmsford and the Chelmsford Club; adjoining Fingask Estate is the Catholic Club in Ensham Estate's old building; the one-time residence of the famous write Rudyard Kipling, and the Sacred Art Convent Tat Tara Hall.

A sharp climb takes you to the Shimla estate Museum and a rich display of Himachal's heritage. Some other independent walks include The Glen, which is a Reserve Forest and is one of Shimla's oldest and most popular picnic spots. The area also has several narrow forest inspection paths including one that lies about the Glen and circles Summer Hill, but these paths should be done with a guide. Annandale is another green walking paradise that's surrounded by Deodar trees. The Old Carriage track also makes a good walk through the woods and was used by the Viceroy?s to go to Annandale.

Climbing & Hiking Around Shimla

At 2455m, Jakhoo Hill towers over Shimla. Filled with history and architectural charm, there are several houses along its steep.1.5km climb that starts from the Ridge and a temple dedicated to Lord Hanauman crowns the forested hill. Enjoy the most spectacular sunrises and sunset sights from this spot, especially during the monsoons.

Another beautiful trail takes you to Sanjuali and between Holly Lodge and Sanjauli, the distance is about 3-km. From Sanjauli, you can walk back via the Government College to the Ridge - 2-km, or via St.Bede's College and Ramchandra Chowka, 3-km. Alternatively, you can bus back from Sanjauli to Shimla.

The Southern Tracks from Shimla

Climb down to pine covered area of Tutikandi. Turn off towards the exquisite little temple of a local deity, Dhanu Defta at Bihargaon. Climb back under pine and cedar braches through the old cemetery, which dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The ascent continues past Kanlog, the Potato Research Centre and Bemloe to the Mall. You can reverse the route by starting from the Potato Research Institute and cemetery, to which point you can also opt to drive. The whole trip covers a distance 6 to 7-km.

The Northern Tracks from Shimla

A relatively unexplored area full of good walks along wide roads or narrow paths is the Bharari Spur. Step from Local Bazaar, go past Auckland House School and reach the long wood rise. Enclosing Stirling Castle, two roads branch from here and just before Kelston, meet again. Continue your walk down past the Police Lines Tobharari Bazaar. Return along the lower road to Goodwood, which will bring you just below Lakkar Bazaar again. A round trip from Lakkar Bazaar covers some 4-km.

Extended Treks from Shimla

From Bharari you can walk to the villages that lie to right of the Seismic Recording Centre, or to the villages of Pabo and Kamiana. Longer treks can be made to Kiar Koti and Tattapani, but for taking-up these treks you better take a guide along.

There are quite a good number of trails that can be done in the suburbs. Some are - a walk between the Catering Institute at Kufri and Wildflower Hall; a walk to Mahasu Peak from Kufri through the Himalayan Nature Park and a walk along the Bekhalty road from Mashobra and treks from Mashobra to Sipur.

There are many soft to medium treks that can use Shimla as the trek base. Some treks are to Shali Peak, to the Kullu Valley over the Jalori Pass or the Bashleo Pass, Shimla to Chail, Shimla to Tattapani. Anglers can indulge in angling for Trout on the river Pabbar, near Rohru.

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